Show Time Rolls Around Again

It’s that lovely time of year where we get out all the lolly decorations, our cupcake size patty pans, and get our decorating hats on for the big local show.

Once again my kids have excelled themselves in topping their cupcakes and arrowroot biscuits with as many lollies as they can, in what they interpret to be a face or an animal or some other interesting object. I absolutely love it! The hardest part is loading all the exhibits in the car and making sure they arrive in one piece. Today I actually had to lay down the back row of seats to make sure they would all fit sitting flat and not sliding around,

This year however we branched out into the unknown territory of ‘novelty object made of fruit and/or vegetable’ with some inspiration from the cousins, whose local show was last week, we were pretty proud of our dancing pumpkin legged man and our penguin.

We raced into town before the 9:30am entry cut off, paid our 50 cent entry fee for each entry and now we wait for the show day tomorrow! The whole town pretty much shuts down, as it’s a local public holiday, school, preschool, day care and most of the shops in the main street. The best bit is seeing the Muddy Kids find their entries and see what everyone else made or decorated, giving them inspiration for next year. Then to top it all off we get to watch fireworks to end the big day.


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