Behind the times

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So I am just starting to try and get back into the swing of blogging. I’ll be honest it’s been bloody hard. I sit down, I go to write and something else comes up. It might be a child wanting something or my Muddy Hubby calling to ask me to help with something on the farm. I do not begrudge any of this, but it makes it hard for me to sit down in one sitting and write. Then there’s the photos, because I know I love a blog that has photos, you like to see a photo that goes with the writing, it helps make that connection for you. Often I start to write then stop, because I know I haven’t had time to download the photos and resize them and I don’t want to blog without them, as it feel somehow empty.

Enough with the excuses already, you’re probably screaming as you read this – Just Do It!. So to help me I am linking it all to bloglovin’, you can follow me with bloglovin’ and that might guilt me into ‘Just Doing It’ more often!

And because we know I don’t like to blog without a photo; here’s a photo of our Lupins after they’ve just broken through the topsoil. They are just gorgeous to see and I love watching them grow.DSC_0816 (857x1280)

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