Grateful for Organising Tasks

No, this is not my house but things like this make my heart sing, sad really! source

I am the kind of person that when things start to get very busy and out of control my head races, I can’t switch off and everything just starts to snowball and I feel very unsettled and I don’t like it one little bit. This has been my life lately – unfortunately.

What I have found over the years though is that if I take a some time out, even just a few minutes, to reorganise something in the house then I am instantly a little calmer.

Sometimes it’s going the whole hog and rearranging bedrooms, sometimes it’s reorganising the filing system. For me today it was cleaning out the spice cupboard, you know the one that has countless amounts of herbs and spices, often multiple jars of the same one, mostly out of date because you just bought them for that one recipe you had to try and haven’t been back to use ever since.

My spice cupboard is a big one, it also has all the food colours and gels, the stocks and the salt and pepper shakers in abundance, so it was not a small task, but it was a calming one. Getting rid of the excess, even alphabetising the herbs and spices to make them easier to find, all served to give me a small semblance of calm heading into the weekend and for that I am grateful.

Linking up for 52 Weeks of Grateful, hosted over at Village Voices by the lovely Bron. Such a fantastic place to visit.

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6 thoughts on “Grateful for Organising Tasks

  1. Kate @ Kate Writes

    Oh I know this feeling. I need to reorganise when things start to spiral. Like you it is when things are very busy which seems like a lot of the time. My house should be in tip top order soon!
    Have a calm weekend

  2. Mama of 2 boys

    Know EXACTLY how you feel Nat, I’m the same. Hence why I have commissioned my big bro to knock up a wall mounted book shelf for the boy’s rooms… because the book situation is OUTTA CONTROL and there is barely any spare space in their room as it is. I KNOW it will make me feel so much better once it’s in. AND I always feel better once clean washing is folded; floors are dust/grit free; kitchen benches are cleared; laundry basket is (near) empty; and my latest… floor rugs are deodorised! Yes, after a particularly trying couple of days with a throwing up everywhere Felix, it is incredible how much a bit of carpet deodoriser improved my mood today!
    Glad you got your order on this week too ;) xoxo


    Nat, when I clicked onto your page and saw that photo, I actually gasped! That’s really sad, but I must say I would love to have the room to have this kind of storage.
    I definitely need to clean/organize when things get on top of me.
    Good on you for doing the spice cupboard!
    Lis xx

  4. Maxabella

    I can so relate, Nat. I am kazactly the same way. If things are disordered around me I get really… blowsy. That’s the word Bart uses to describe me. I’m just all blowsy. I need things around me , but I also need order, I need calm.

    That rack with all those neat containers makes me a little nervous, though… lots and lots and lots of work keeping that lot so neat!!! And, seriously, that’s A LOT of food to store.

    I’m so pedantic. x

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