Mr Independent

With my 3 Muddy Girls the biggest drama I had/have is probably their introvertness (not sure that it’s a word but works for me), now with my Muddy Baby Boy it is the total opposite. He is a real Mr Independent, happy to go off on his own, or preferably with Muddy Hubby if he can. He is an explorer, a constant little boy in motion, seeking out his next big adventure. Packaged with his independence is his determination, his determination to do whatever his big sisters are doing, or whatever takes his fancy at the time really.
As much as I love it, it is certainly keeping me on my toes and some days I honestly struggle with how to parent him. If he is told ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ he lays down on the ground and chucks a massive tantrum. If we go walking and he wants to stop, he just sits down, there’s no carrying him, he will get up and keep going when he is ready. If he sees something he wants there is no stopping him until he gets it, even if it means falling off the table in the process or banging into things as he pushes his way through, there is no fear, just total focus on his objective. Some days I long to be like that, so I can’t really complain because it’s a trait I admire, but it sure does make some days challenging.

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3 thoughts on “Mr Independent

  1. Jodie Sinclair

    Ah, he is just doing what boys do! I had two of this breed, and yes they try you at this age, but I can assure you, teenage years will be easier with a boy!

    PS: He is very, very cute – a heart-breaker in the making!

  2. Mama of 2 boys

    Welcome to my world Nat! I think it is just how boys are programmed, so full on. I think he would get on well with Felix, too well probably, haha. Gorgeous pics, he’s such a little man now xoxo

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