This Little Lamby Went To Market

People talk about farming not being a job but being a ‘way of life’ and it really is. There is very little down time, weekends while we try to spend time together as a family, it is often spent doing farm jobs together. Don’t get me wrong we definitely do lots of other stuff too, and get out and about off the farm, but ‘there is always something’. At the moment we are in the process of sending all our Wether Lambs to the Sale Yards for selling. Before we send them we have to draft off the fattest lambs which will gain us the most money (in theory).

As the sales are on a Monday often on a Sunday afternoon you can find us in the sheep yards weighing lambs. We draft off an amount of them to weigh, then we run those ones through the race into the scales where they are individually weighed and the heavy ones are kept separate to send to market and the lighter ones are sent back to the paddock for further fattening.

The Muddy Kids all love weighing lambs, they get their spot and either sit and watch or get up close in the action if they can. Muddy Bubby has just started to be allowed out of the pram for weighing and didn’t hesitate to get in amongst it all. Really it’s not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon together.

2 thoughts on “This Little Lamby Went To Market

  1. Shelly - Tropical Mum

    Love the boots on the wrong way! So cute. :) I’ve never really spent any time on a farm, so reading your stories of what you get up to is really interesting to me. What a wonderful way for your kids to grow up!

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