The Running of The Ducks

We’ve had our Indian Runner Ducklings for a couple of weeks now and we’ve started to let them wander around the house yard during the day, then we put them back in their box at night with a warm light so they don’t get cold.
They are getting bigger and cuter by the day and they must think Muddy Bubby is alright, as they tend to follow him around, they let him share their water dish and come looking to him when they’re hungry.
There is still one that’s a little bit of a runt, her name is ‘Sprinkles’ and all the Muddy Kids want to hold her and pick her up and put her in the box at night. I’m hoping she gets a growth spurt soon, otherwise she’ll be left in the box alone at night as the others are growing too big!
We also said goodbye to our pigs this week, they’ve gone away to become Christmas Ham and Pork Roast so we don’t have to worry about losing our Ducks to the pigs the way we ended up losing 3 chickens. My next addition will be restocking the chooks, so we can get some eggs coming back in!



3 thoughts on “The Running of The Ducks

  1. Coal Valley View

    Hi Nat, your Indian Runners are adorable!!! And so many babies too! And look how friendly they are already. We got ours as adults so they were super timid and have taken ages to become friendly.
    Mel x

  2. Mama of 2 boys

    Cute pics of the Muddy Bubby, a beautiful friendship seems to have started between him & the duckies. Poor piggy’s, but probably a good decision to bid them farewell xo

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