A lot happens in the space of a few weeks

So much happens when you don’t blog for 3 weeks, big events, little events, lots of lovely family time. We’ve checked crops, been to parties, celebrated a special 2nd Birthday, explored the Warrumbungles and the observatory and enjoyed just being together as a family.  We’ve said goodbye to an old worker and welcomed a new one into our world. We had an awesome Father’s Day and spent it with friends at the local pub.
We have gone from jumpers and long pants to shorts and T-shirts, with thongs and sandles, it is such a fantastic time of year, not too hot, the flowers are starting to bloom, the roses and grapevines are greening up and it’s so much fun to just be outside, in the sunshine, in the garden and soaking it all up before it gets too hot! No matter what the rollercoaster of life has kept up it’s momentum!

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