Lets Do The Bus Stop

Last week Muddy Hubby and I made a very important purchase, one we had been thinking about for ages and finally bit the bullet and did – A Bus Stop Car. I had been scanning the local buy, swap and sell pages for ages and nothing seemed quite right, then the perfect vehicle appeared and we jumped in and bought it.

It definitely didn’t break the bank, but it will do the job we need it to do, going back and forth to the bus stop on our road each morning and afternoon. The bloke who owned it before us had put his own personal touches on it (including an over sized muffler)¬†and had loved and cared for it. The Muddy Kids think it is fabulous, they’ve explored every nook and cranny and worked out what works and what doesn’t. What I like most is that they’re not climbing all over our vehicles and trashing them while we wait for the bus.

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