July School Holidays

Around here July School Holidays mean only one thing – it’s shearing time. Every year, the first 2 weeks of July (normally coinciding with school holidays) we do our Main shearing, where we get all our ewes, lambs and rams in and shear them. We do it across 2 sheds, with 3 shearers and a team of rouseabouts – mainly family. It’s busy and exciting and exhausting. This year as the Muddy Kids are getting older they are wanting to be in the shed more, help more and learn how it all works.
It has been 2 weeks of juggling whose turn it is in the shed and who gets to have either the battons or the broom, and who helps in the yards and who scoops up the locks. Lots of time with Muddy Hubby, lots of negotiation, lots of team work, lots of lovely family time.

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5 thoughts on “July School Holidays

  1. Kate @ Kate Writes

    Looks like you were having fun. I loved shearing time as a child. Easter a shearing went hand in hand during my childhood. Your beautiful pictures bring back good memories :)

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