Too Fast…..

My Muddy Puzzler is a little bit of an enigma, stronger in nature than her older two sisters and focused on whatever task she chooses to pursue, even if she knows it’s the wrong thing to do and it will turn my smile upside down, once she starts something she must finish in her eyes.
For me she is growing way too fast, she is three and a half going on thirty three, she is way more ahead in areas than her older sisters were at the same age, focused on practicing writing letters and copying them whenever she can, doing somersaults on the grass, riding a bike, all things that even now her older sisters sometimes struggle with.
I am in awe of her everyday, especially when she shows me something new she has learnt to do. I know she has her older sisters leading the way and she is desperate to be doing exactly what they’re doing but for me it’s all too much too quickly. I want her to slow down, I want to savour her being a 3 year old, tantrums and all.

One thought on “Too Fast…..

  1. Mama of 2 boys

    Oh she’s a little star, that is for sure. Love her! I don’t blame you wanting to slow it all down Nat, I am trying to savour every single day with Felix at the moment… as testing as those days often are.

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