Grateful for Sleepovers and Besties

Since I’ve added an extra day into my work days I have struggled to find time to catch up with my friends and subsequently my Muddy Kids have also missed out with only a small amount of spare time to fit in a long list of things. These school holidays thought I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to let my Muddy Kids get some quality friend time in. We’ve had sleepovers and play dates and netball clinics. All things that would normally have to slip by the wayside.
It has been so delightful for my two big Muddy Girls to go on a sleepover together and see how much fun they had, my wonderful friend made snow globes with them and let them watch a movie and have a spa. We had the Muddy Pixie’s bestie over for a play and they had so much fun playing in the wool shed, jumping on the wool bales and playing hide and seek in the sheds. We even braved the world of having a friend for a sleepover and it was lots of fun. Not only has it kept the kids entertained and they are falling into bed exhausted each night but the smiles on their faces and the joy it brings me lets me know it’s worth the effort.


So this week I am grateful for my Muddy Kids friends for being so special and bringing such lovely friendships into their lives.

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One thought on “Grateful for Sleepovers and Besties


    Nat, isn’t it a lovely feeling when you sense the friendships are just right? To know that your little ones are builing good networks from an early age is so special.
    Enjoy the holidays, and hopefully a break from routine.
    Lisa x

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