Scattered Thoughts

Chaos reigns supreme at the moment, there are swimming bags and towels and swimmers everywhere. There are half folded piles of washing spread around the house. The kitchen is overflowing with Christmas cooking, a variety of delightful things made for parties, catch ups and just because it’s Christmas. Containers of leftovers and ‘don’t touch until Christmas’ goodies.

No matter how hard I try my house looks like a tornado has gone through it. I am learning to let things slide a ‘little bit’ but do not function very well if they’re let slide for too long. Tonight I employed flat out bribery to get the toy room and lounge room tidy for the first time in a few weeks. The 3 Muddy Girls were rewarded with a square of Cadbury Mint Bubbly Chocolate for doing a superb job of tidying up!

I am feeling a little bit calmer. I know that the tidiness of my house should not affect my mood so much, but it does. I find it unsettling, the messier my house gets the more out of control I feel. I don’t mind so much the dust and the cleaning, as I do the best that time allows, as long as things are tidy I can find a balance. With school holidays starting in a couple of days and people coming in to look after my kids I have a pressing need for things to be in order!

Please tell me I am not alone in feeling like this! Do you need things tidy or a you a sparkling clean and tidy person? Any advice on how to let things slide a bit more???

4 thoughts on “Scattered Thoughts

  1. Annaleis Topham

    You have read my mind! I had someone call in to day and I was so embarrassed by the piles of stuff. The house isn’t dirty or even that messy their is just piles and piles of stuff to be done, presents to be wrapped, end of school stuff to be put away! Makes me anxious and feel like I’m going batty!

    Do you want to run away together???

  2. Kirsa

    You are certainly not alone. Even us ‘oldies’ with kids who have left home get this. Cluttered house = cluttered mind. When my kids were little and the house was a mess, I would get big garbage bags, gather ALL the mess into them, stash the bags away and let my head breathe in the calm tidiness. Gave me the energy to then put away one garbage bag at a time. If the washing got out of hand, I would pile it, and the kids into the car and take them all on an outing to the laundromat. Fill every washing machine and dryer and fold and sort it all in one go. Go home with clean clothes.
    Its hard when you have young kids, but take heart, it does get better … eventually! xx

  3. Mama of 2 boys

    Oh I firmly believe the order in my house is in direct proportion to the order in my mind… so lately, it’s all been DISORDER! Sometimes I wish I just had a cleaner for even half an hour, just to whip through it all and save my sanity. But alas, I do not, so I just manage the best I can. But being such a small space… and with so much ‘stuff’ filling it… it takes some serious organisation to keep things looking clutter free. A little bribery never goes astray I feel, glad you’re getting some order back Nat xoxo

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