Concert Fever

The last week has passed in a rush of pretty dresses, parties, preschool concerts and ballet concerts. We’ve had rehearsals and our scary first foray into ballet concert make-up! We’ve had costume changes and hair spray in abundance to keep the wispy bits of hair in a tight bun.
Through it all we have had lots of fun, lots of photos and lots of proud Muddy Mummy, tear-in-the-eye moments. Each day I wake up and pinch myself in amazement that I have 4 beautiful Muddy Kids and feel like I’ve blinked and missed the last 6 years, as I now have a little ballerina, who proudly danced on stage, accepted her cup and her encouragement trophy, all without a clingy moment or worried cry!
Both the preschool concert and the ballet concert were hot, hot, hot days, 40 plus degrees, and my lovely Mum (Nana) came and sat through them both, helping me to look after the Muddy Kids and take photos and videos to make sure we don’t miss a bit of it! I am now officially exhausted and we have a few weeks of school, birthday parties and Christmas parties still to come before the guy in the big red suit visits, somehow I’m not sure that the next few weeks will pass without a few tantrums from all of us!



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4 thoughts on “Concert Fever

  1. Kate @ Kate Writes

    Congratulations on surviving your first ballet concert! Once you get past the hairspray, ribbons and tights it is a lovely thing to watch isn’t it? As are preschool concerts…I hope you survive the next couple of weeks.

  2. Mama of 2 boys

    Awwwww beautiful photos, LOVE the one with you Mama in it :) And that ladybug costume is ADORABLE with a capital A! Wow, I wish we lived closer, I’d come along and cheer the girls on. 40 degrees… that is stinking hot… going to be a long hot Summer me thinks. Take care of yourself over this crazy period (if you can) Nat xoxo

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