Bag It

In the downhill run of harvest we strip some feed grain and some pulses to store and sell later in the year. One of the things that has been last to strip is the Triticale, it’s a feed grain and we either sell it or use it to feed our own sheep. We have almost run out of silo storage so we have opted to ‘Bag It’, store it in a ‘Silo Bag’.

Effectively a Silo Bag looks like a great big white sausage, it’s long and smooth and it fills from a Silo Bag Machine of course!

Because the Triticale is stripped in a different paddock to where we have set up the silo bag the trucks first need to unload into the Chaser Bin, before the Chaser Bin can run alongside the Silo Bag. We Use our Chaser Bin to fill it and the pressure moves the machine along as it fills, until you either run out of grain or the bag is full.

Short term they are are a really effective storage method, long term we spend time keeping the birds away so they don’t peck through the bag, chasing the mice and rats away that also like to chew through the bag for a feed and trying to avoid the snakes that come along for a feed on the fat rats and mice! Yes, long-term it has it’s down falls, but short term they are very handy!

2 thoughts on “Bag It

  1. Mama of 2 boys

    Bloody pests, no one invites them, so why do they show?? That bag is really cool. Is it just me, or do you get the urge to just bounce on it?! Haha, looks so smooth and full. Great photos as always Nat xoxo

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