Did I really sign up for this?

I will warn you in advance, this post is about Poo, read on if you like or walk away like I wished I could have at the time….

Most Days I love being a parent, no matter how hard the day is, I still feel so blessed to have 4 beautiful healthy children. The whinging the whining, the tantrums it’s all part of parenting. The messy house, the crumbs everywhere, the toilet training, it’s all good. Some days though there are things that make me stop and go ‘Did I really sign up for this?’.

I had one of those moments this week. In the midst of ‘Happy Hour’ me trying to cook dinner the Muddy Girls packing up all their hair elastics, ribbons and clips that they had spread all over the bathroom, and Muddy Bubby very proudly tottering around the house on his feet, up and walking, I heard a sentence I don’t want to hear again

Muddy Pixie: ‘Mum, He’s got Poo on his Cup’,
Me: ‘Sorry, say that again’

Out comes the Pixie with Muddy Bubby’s drink cup in hand ‘I said he got Poo on his cup’
I looked and yes sure enough it was half covered in Poo. As I was gagging I asked how it happened, ‘He put it in the toilet’ she said, ‘but why has it got Poo’ on it I asked. ‘Because I didn’t flush my poo’. There quite simply, she forgot to flush, something I thought I would have taught her as a parent and reinforced over and over again, but no, it is a parenting fail, one that won’t be happening again, I have repeated the phrase over and over to them since it happened ‘Remember to flush’.

We disinfected everyone and the toilet, we disinfected the cup, and ran it under hot, hot, water for ages, I then washed it, and then because I can never look at it in the same way again, I threw it out. Yes I felt wasteful, but at least I don’t have to look at it and gag every time I see it.

And still I think ‘Did I really sign up for this?’ Do you have those moments too? Please tell me I’m not alone in wondering if this was part of the deal of parenting?

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7 thoughts on “Did I really sign up for this?

  1. sascedar

    ‘happy hour’ that made me laugh, and imagine myself trying to cook dinner, wrestle the small people while wearing heels and a cocktail frock and sipping a manhattan. ;)sarah

  2. Naturally Carol

    I remember pre-kid days I didn’t even talk about poo…then you have kids and for a few years it’s an everyday conversation and you think…how did that happen? You can’t keep your head in the clouds with everyday events like these..I would have thrown the cup out too!

  3. Kirsa

    Sorry, but I had a good laugh at your misfortune! Not because I am mean, but because you are a funny writer.

    You are not alone, although my poo related days are over for now (until I either get grandkids or Mr K gets dementia), they are by no means forgotten.

    I would have thrown out the cup too, so don’t feel bad.

  4. Kate @ Kate Writes

    I laughed!
    It is called Happy Hour here too (although it lasts longer sometimes) and I would have ditched the cup!
    I’ve gone past most poo disasters at my house but I go to work for them and I actually DID sign up for that!

  5. Amanda @ mammajoy

    So.not.alone. I mopped the bathroom floor today, and exactly 0.5 seconds later Mr 3 and newly toilet trained did a massive poo on the clean floor. I almost cried. I certainly did swear. Definetly didn’t sign up for that! I also spent way too many seconds trying to flick a big goober off my finger while buckling same child into his car seat yesterday. Stubborn little bugger wasn’t going anywhere! I will never get those seconds back Nat, NEVER! The things we do!

  6. Mum on the Run

    Ha ha ha!!
    I’m so sorry – laughing with you (one day) I promise.
    I would have thrown the cup too.
    I have ‘sacrificed’ wraps, socks, jocks and towels here before.

  7. Mama of 2 boys

    Yep! I would throw the cup too! MANY times a day I ask myself if I actually signed up for this too Nat. Muddy bubby looks SO cute in that pic, he’s a gorgeous little unit :) xoxo

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