Standards are Slipping

I knew when I moved out here that I would have to sacrifice some of life’s luxuries, like restaurants, or rather variety in restaurants, take away food that isn’t Chinese or Fish and Chips, Fresh Seafood that hasn’t travelled 6 hours to get here, movies, theatre, live music venues, ferry rides, the beach and being able to see family and friends at the drop of a hat.

What I didn’t expect to be giving up was quality groceries and fresh fruit and veggies. We have a big orchard and lots of citrus trees, a couple of apple trees and we try and grow veggies and salad stuff to use as much as we can. When we don’t have enough though we need to supplement with goods from the major grocery store in town. There really is only one grocery store in town, the other is more like a 7/Eleven without the convenience. So to start with my options are limited.