Lamb Tailing

Once our Ewes have had baby Lambs it’s time to tail those Lambs, give them an ear mark, vaccinate them and backline them to help prevent flies. It’s generally a job for about 3-4 people (depending on the number of lambs in the mob), but with the Muddy Kids and I we had an extra large workforce to help get the job done.
The Muddy Girl’s first job was to put the rings on ready for Pa to tail them. They were also pretty good at overseeing and telling me just which one they wanted to put in the lamb marking cradle next. Then at the end they had time for some cuddles with the lambs. 
It’s this sort of thing that I love about farming, we can go to work with Muddy Hubby, spend some time together, help the Muddy Kids get to learn the Family Business and best of all we’re outside and using up the energy for a good night’s sleep!

6 thoughts on “Lamb Tailing

  1. Mama of 2 boys

    Awww lovely shots Nat. The muddy kids look like they’re already accomplished farm hands. I agree, the outdoor time must be fabulous for wearing them out… that is one thing I constantly need to make a conscious effort to do… Get the boys outside!! xoxo

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