Day by Day I’m Grateful

This week I have taken a step back to breathe, to focus each day on something I am Grateful for, to try and take on some advice and prioritise.

Sunday I was grateful for some family time, to tick off some of the jobs on the to do list, spend time together, play with our ducks and get them started with training on their new Duck Feeder and just be together as a family.

Monday I was Grateful for time to play with my Muddy kids, to stop and roll around on the grass and chase the ducklings and push them on the swing, to have fun with my kids and enjoy them and their little personalities.

Tuesday saw me be grateful for lots of things, a wonderful school who organise a Year 6 Buddy for my Muddy Organiser, who she absolutely adores and who has made the transition to school that little bit easier. I was grateful for my wonderful Muddy Sister-in-law who didn’t hesitate to say Yes and look after Muddy Bubby so I could volunteer to help make Kinder – Year 6 Buddy lunch. I was grateful for a fantastic OT who listened and didn’t hesitate to offer help where she could.

Wednesday I was grateful for healthy kids, for Muddy Kids who push my buttons, but are here and healthy and who I love with all my heart. I was also grateful for good friends, as always, who helped organise the next days expeditions.

Thursday I was grateful for the sales they have at the shops in town. As they don’t have any storage space for last seasons stock they mark everything down really low to help it sell so they don’t have to store it – it’s a big win for us! I was also grateful for the enthusiasm my Muddy Organiser showed on going to the 4 schools carnival and being soooo excited about marching in the march.

Friday I am extremely excited and grateful that I am finally getting our NBN Satellite Internet installed today, I am hoping that this is as good as it’s supposed to be, because if it is it will make my life a whole lot easier and I won’t spend hours waiting for my downloads and uploads like I do at the moment.

Linking up with Maxabella at Village Voices for 52 Weeks of Grateful. Make sure you make the time to check it out.

5 thoughts on “Day by Day I’m Grateful

  1. posie blogs Jennie McClelland

    Oh on a week were our 3 ducks went to live with my sister on her property in Bowral, sigh, we miss them but i must say, for suburbia, it’s a lot more peaceful & quiet. We’ll do ducks again (hopefully get our ducks back from my sister or duckling off spring as we LOVED those ducks so much!!) when we move onto a farm too. Grateful for my sister taking them for now, she loves ducks, has ducks & desperately wanted more, perfect timing!! Love Posie

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