The Block

I will be the first one to tell you I haven’t been coping some days while Muddy Hubby has been away up north. The Muddy Kis have been largely good, but it’s the whiney voices when they’re tired and the bickering between them that I really struggle with. We have been spending most of our days outside, drinking in the autumn sunshine and warmth, rather than be inside in the cold house going stir crazy.
While it has been so lovely to enjoy the outside time and some old favourites of bikes, the sandpit and my washing, it has not staved off ‘happy hour’ come dinner and bed time. No matter how I work my day it still ends in fights and tears. We are at the point where the Muddy Kids are all in bed by 6-6:30pm as by then we’ve all had enough of each other and they’ll be up in 12 hours to start it all over again. I have moved everything forward, the animals are done either before I pick the Muddy Organiser up from the bus or as soon as we get back. We have swapped dinner and bath time around to see if that makes a difference – it hasn’t. Day sleeps make no impact, it’s still a battle, I still end up doing my ‘block’ at least once before they fall into blissful slumber. I am hoping things settle down a little when Muddy Hubby returns, as I really hate doing my block before bedtime, I feel bad all night and don’t sleep well at all.
The benefit of such an early bed time though is that I have time to run around and get my jobs done before ‘The Block’ starts. I have become a little addicted I must admit, surprising as I was a little put off the last two seasons, but there’s something about this season that has drawn me in, Muddy Hubby too, he’s been asking for updates via phone as he sits on the tractor at night!
Today we have again spent the morning outside and tomorrow will bring some Day Care respite and funnily enough I’ll be eagerly waiting to pick them all up and bring them home right on ‘Happy Hour’.
How do you manage ‘Happy Hour’ at your place, I’m in need of some ideas and inspiration!
Are you addicted to ‘The Block’ too?

6 thoughts on “The Block

  1. Nellie McCarthy

    I have no tips for you Nat, I’ve never had to battle with more than one so I imagine it must be difficult. I kept bedtime at 6.30 for a long long time. I am a big believer in kids needing sleep or at least quiet time, they learn so much each day that they need some space to themselves to let their brains process it all and Mum needs time to herself too :-) My boy who turns 13 this year still goes to bed at 7.30pm, 1/2 hour to read then lights out. We tried 8pm for a while and he was just too tired and happily agreed to bring bedtime forward again. xx

  2. Mum on the Run

    Oh that time of day is such a curse when you’re parenting solo.
    I can’t imagine the level of chaos with 4 lovelies – and all of your responsibilities – to contend with.
    No tips – just plenty of empathy.
    Keep up the good work – you’re amazing.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself either.
    Nothing wrong with a good Mummy tanty every now and then.

  3. Katie

    Oh yes i’m a fan of The Block. And there’s really nothing quite like happy hour to test our patience. Sounds to me like you’re doing an amazing job with it all – so much harder the times we have to do it on our own x

  4. Mama of 2 boys

    Haha, love that little poser standing on the blocks, CUTE!
    Oh Nat, I’m right there with you… in spirit. I have been struggling with the right mix for the day/night too. Trying to work out whether early dinner/bath is better… if no day nap/a short day nap/or long day nap is better. I feel like I am constantly chopping and changing the routine, which is a little frenetic for my liking. Had a bad week last week with Felix waking every night, not settling etc…
    You poor thing with hubster being away, wish I was just around the corner to offer some relief… and vice versa. Don’t know how you do it with four Nat, you’re doing great… I know the blowup’s before bedtime suck, but just know that we ALL have those.
    I haven’t seen The Block this season, but I am hooked on MasterChef… love my chubby blokes who enjoy their food, haha!

  5. Posie Patchwork

    I don’t actually like the couples on The Block, not sure why, i get annoyed with whinge versus grateful – it’s not their money they are spending, only their time & they are getting experience & for those who want it – television exposure.
    Happy Hour, i don’t drink & for some reason, my 4 never created a witching hour?? Maybe i’ve always done dinner at just the right time as we don’t do afternoon tea either. Just dinner. Hmmm . . . i thought high school (longer days) would put a hiccup in our smooth afternoons, nope, business as usual. When they were babies, i used to bathe them before dinner, they could take as long as they liked, no rush as i was preparing dinner (while watching them, ever peeled beans in the bathroom, i have) & they loved rolling around naked – so easy with girls, not so great with boys & their ‘sprinkler’, love Posie

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