Some Lunch and Weighing Lambs for a Wonderful Weekend

I’d rather ignore Saturday with 6 loads of washing and a broken lawn mower but Sunday made for a Wonderful Weekend. Muddy Hubby fixed the mower for me, so I could finish mowing the orchard, keeping the mozzies down and giving me a clear view of the snakes coming. Then the Muddy Family headed to the local pub for lunch. We set up camp on the back lawn of the pub, the kids settled down on the rug for some colouring-in and lunch, while the adults settled in for a good catch up and tasty feed.
Our local pub has been gradually restored and renovated over the last few´╗┐ years. It’s now a meeting place for friends and family, a place to relax, unwind and have a good time. During the year they host functions, and have family BBQ’s, Sunday was one of those days.
After lunch the kids had fun watching the train go by, playing make believe as trains, planes and horses, while Muddy Hubby and I played with Muddy Bubby and chatted the afternoon away.
We went straight back to work in the late afternoon, weighing lambs for today’s sheep sale. Making sure we had the heaviest to send to market. The girls are getting good at learning how to shift the sheep, keep them moving into the scales and drafting them off into the heavy and light pens. My favourite bit is them getting to spend time with Muddy Hubby and learn all the workings of the farm. I also love to see a bit of fashion in the sheep yards, Muddy Organiser with her silver shoes and pretty dress and Muddy Puzzler with her bright red dress, always a way to brighten up the dusty yards.

How did you spend your weekend? Do you have a local pub that’s good for families like ours is?
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4 thoughts on “Some Lunch and Weighing Lambs for a Wonderful Weekend

  1. Mama of 2 boys

    Gorgeous photos Nat! It looks like the perfect place to be on a Sunday arvo. When we come out for a visit, you will have to introduce us to this tradition… I know a few boys of mine who would LOVE it, the big and the small of them! I also like your fashions in the field, they’re so lovely those Muddy girls xoxo

  2. Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups

    Oh Nat those cherubs are just divine. We dont reall have a local we frequent, we are more the take away and sit on the back deck type. I have always loved the idea though of a local pub where you always know some one there. xx

  3. Katie

    What a great way to spend a Sunday. I grew up on a farm and this post brought back memories. Such gorgeous kids – and how lucky they are to get to experience this way of life :)

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