My Muddy Organiser

OK, so I’ve been holding on to the ‘Muddy Preschooler’ tag, but really she’s not a preschooler any more, she’s a big school girl. My Muddy Preschooler is my first born, my first foray into parenthood and really my first experiment! Lots of things were trialed with her, because really with your first born it is trial and error! There are plenty of books, you can choose one book as your parenting bible, or you can take bits and pieces from here and there, but really what it comes back to at the end of the day is you and your first born learning together what it’s all about.

My preschooler is a precious little thing, not just because she’s the eldest, but personality wise she can be a bit precious! Things have to be done a certain way and that’s how she operates, in an organised and thorough way. Meals are done in her particular order, she likes to sit in her same seat at the dinner table, she likes to know where we’re going and she’ll make sure her bag is packed before I even get a chance. Hence why I’m calling her my Muddy Organiser! She helps to keep me in line!

As the older sister she’s gradually had less and less of mine and Muddy Hubby’s time, and like all children has developed resilience and learned to adapt to the changing face of our family. With my Muddy Pixie she had a love hate relationship (still does) but for Muddy Puzzler and Muddy Bubby she has all the time in the world. She will sit down with Muddy Puzzler to do a Puzzle or play a game, she makes sure Muddy Bubby has a toy or moves him from room to room if she’s moving so he’s not on his own.

My Muddy Organiser is incredibly shy and at times very anxious, it is hard to get her to say ‘Hello’ when we’re out or say ‘Thank You’ if someone gives her something. We have worked very hard at this and slowly she is getting better. She has made friends at school and on the school bus, and is getting better at acknowledging adults when they’re talking to her.

My Muddy Organiser has a strong stubborn streak (I attribute this to my Dad, but I think she probably gets it from me) and a fiery temper. Before she started school I was tearing my hair out, we were coming to blows on a regular basis, I just couldn’t keep her stimulated enough and the things she wanted to do (and you couldn’t change her mind about them) just weren’t possible with all the Muddy Tribe around. Now that she’s started school there is almost an air of calm about her (except when she’s tired) she has structure and order in her day at school, she knows where she’s going and what she has to do and she’s loving school so she’s calmer at home.

My Muddy Organiser is somedays my saving grace and other days my nightmare when she refuses to change her mind on something. But as with all first borns she will always hold an extra special place in my heart for letting me learn on her how to be a parent!

Do you have a red head? Do they have a fiery temper?
What is your first born like?

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  1. SportyMummy

    I just have to laugh at your last line! I have two redheads….my eldest daughter and youngest son. Oh my goodness do they have fiery tempers!! Apparently they got it from their red-headed great grandfather….whose temper was legendary (and served as the local entertainment)in his town!

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