Bootcamp Week 2

Oh My Goodness I am sore this week! Princess Pain worked us hard this week, I don’t think there was one person in our group who was not red faced, lathered in sweat and feeling like they’d had a great workout! Because really when you have that red faced, sweaty look going on, you actually feel like you’ve worked hard and are getting somewhere. At least I do anyway!

This week’s session was based around boxing with cardio activities thrown in between each set. My sparring partner was away so I got to have a catch up with another Mum, not that you really have time (or breath) for talking, but it was good to mix it up a bit.

My nemesis this week was not the ‘Mountain Climber’ but the ‘Burpee’. After sets of boxing I just didn’t have the oomph for full blown ‘Burpees’, but I did give it my best shot! The thing I’m loving about Bootcamp is that while she’s tough she also knows your limitations and doesn’t push you past them unless you want to push yourself. It’s this that actually makes me want to push myself harder, stretch those limits and actually see what my body can do after all these years of inactivity.

Now to make sure I’m on track with my meal planning to try and marry the two together. The morning rush to the school bus and preschool and day care drop out has thrown me a bit out of whack, so I may just have to start my meal planning for a whole week rather than just the whole day, now that will be a challenge for me!


How’s your exercise going? Do you have a Bootcamp Commando?

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